12-Week Beginner Fitness & Inch Loss Plan.
STARTS 17th January 2022.
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We know you want results so let’s get straight to the point. 4 and 6 week plans don't build healthy habits. Iveridge Results does.


We know you want results so let’s get straight to the point. 4 and 6 week plans don't build healthy habits. Iveridge Results does.

The plan offers

2 x Weekly Small Group Workouts with a Coach

Full access to the Club & all our 40 classes

Assessments on week 1, 6 and 12 to track results

6 nutritional steps over 12-weeks

3 Large Group BOOTCAMPS to meet everyone and beat your monthly score

End of season awards and t-shirt presentation afternoon

To APPLY for the next plan and start feel amazing again
text ‘RESULTS 22’ with your name to 07803 143679

PRICe for 12 weeks
£30 per week
or £349 paid upfront

Strictly Limited Availability

The plan week by week

The Progamme Weeks 1 & 2

High Intensity Interval Training

Initially, we will measure you and run through your health assessments. We will then coach you through our HIIT system. This will start to increase your fitness levels and start getting your heart and lungs healthier. Everything is done at a pace to suit you so don't worry. We are super aware that most peoples fitness levels will be very low but we all have to start somewhere.

Weeks 3 & 4

Strength Circuit Training

This is where we start to improve your strength and fire up those muscle groups that may have been dormant for a while. Again, we will take it at a page to suit you and your strength level. This is done in a circuit environment of 10 strength exercises. We ask that you now do your hiit training by yourself while we coach your strength training.

Weeks 5 & 6

Metabolic Conditioning

During week five and six, we will introduce you to more challenging type movements including body weight exercises as well as more advanced strength exercises to help you improve your functional strength and well being each week. Everything is adaptable to suit all levels and abilities and we can also work around injuries. We've got you covered.

We then repeat this cycle every fortnight until our 12 week plan comes to a close. We will also run through your health assessments again on week 6 and again on week 12 to track your progress. 

The Nutrition

On week 1, you will make one realistic change to your nutrition for the whole 12 weeks. This may be increasing your water intake or it might be something as simple as getting a breakfast twice a week if you don't get any at the moment. Your initial change needs to be something that is realistic and sustainable for 12 weeks.

Every 2 weeks we will then implement a further change to your nutrition or your lifestyle to ensure you start to become healthier slower. With each change you implement, your body will start to become more energetic and you will feel the benefits slowly which will make the programme more sustainable long term.

Not a Quick Fix!

This is not a diet and this is not a quick fix exercise programme. This is about building healthy habits that are sustainable long term by finding exercise that you enjoy while learning how to exercise correctly to get long lasting results.

The facts are there!

92% of people that try to go it alone without professional support will last just 4 days when it comes to dieting and they will last no more than 21 days when it comes to exercising regular. How many times have you tried and failed because you haven't had any support, coaching or accountability.
We give you the accountability that you need to achieve and sustain exercise and a healthier way of life. We are not robots and we don't expect you to be perfect. However, everyone needs to make a few changes if they wish to feel better physically and mentally.

Don’t apply if you think this is just another exercise plan. It’s a new way of life we are looking to help you with. We have helped 100’s of people step out of their poor lifestyle and become a healthier version of themselves.

If you are ready to invest in you and your health, APPLY NOW!


Our HIIT & STRONG methods have achieved some amazing results for customers over the last 18-months.

Sounds tough but we coach you at a level to suit you each week so it’s perfect for all levels. 

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How to apply

Hopefully we can get you involved in the programme and help you make a start on becoming the best version of yourself.

We are expecting to be very busy over the next few weeks so apply to reserve your space.

See you on the other side. 

Starts january 2022

Pick 2 x Weekly Coaching Timeslots

6.30AM (FULL) 7.15am 8.45am 12.15pm 4.45PM (FULL) 6.45pm 7.45PM (FULL)

6.30AM (FULL) 7.15AM (FULL) 9.45am 4.45pm 6.45pm 7.45pm

6.30am 7.15am 8.45am 9.45am 5.45pm 7.45pm

6.30AM (FULL) 7.15AM 4.45pm 5.45pm 6.30pm 7.45pm

6.15AM (FULL) 7.15AM (FULL) 8.45am 12.15pm 4.45PM (FULL)

8.45AM (FULL) 10.30am

To APPLY for the 12-Week PLAN
text ‘RESULTS’ with your name 
and 2 preferred timeslots 
to 07803 143679 
Or follow the LINKS to apply

Once we confirm the availability is there, you're in.

Arrange a phone consultation

Tell us how we can help you feel healthier and
we can run through the best options for you


We can take successful applicants upto 21-days into the course. Once week 3 has passed, then the course is closed until the next one. Payments will be £30 per week on direct debit for the remaining time frame if you miss the start.

So long as you stick to the protocol of at least 2 HIIT and 2 STRENGTH weekly workouts.

We all have to relax as well. We can send you the links for our online training platform on YouTube to ensure you can work out anywhere any time. Just because your on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t train. If you miss a session that week, we can try get you in an extra one the following week.

Then we can’t guarantee that you will get the results. The program only works if you achieve a minimum of four weekly workouts in the club or at home.

Ideally yes. That way, you can be coached by the same trainer each week and make even better progress towards achieving your results. If you need to switch to a different group now and again we can try and do that for you. Talk to your trainer.

No just 3-6 each group.

Anything that you feel comfortable in. Ideally a pair of trainers that can be used for crosstraining and loose clothing

Yes. Simply book online for the timeslot nearest to your coaching appointment up to 14 days in advance. By booking these two appointments you are giving yourself more accountability each week and your trainer knows you are attending.

do your best to let us know and we will try to fit you in at a different time if we have room.

Ideally try to come changed. Only use the changing rooms if really necessary.

We won’t have to as we are COVID friendly but if we should ever have to, we will freeze your payments and reinstate when we reopen. This is highly unlikely.

The dietary plan is explained in the welcome pack. You can also have all your health food cooked and delivered weekly.

Meet your trainer in reception on day 1. LS268EU is the postcode.

Mail richard@iveridge.co.uk or call reception. Our main number is 01132887666.